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John Kelly Photos

About John Kelly Photos

John Kelly's photographic pursuits are solely focused in sports and sport-related events, covering NCAA sporting events, mud runs, Obstacle Course Racing, running events, cycling events, triathlons, and any other endurance sporting event. When working various events, I enjoy the challenge of trying to obtain unique photographs of my events by going places where the average photographer will not, be it heights, water, mud and anywhere else.

I have experience working with some of the largest racing events in the United States, including, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, The Color Run, BolderBoulder, and J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, just to name a few!

John Kelly Photos Muddy Camera

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Event Photography:

In addition to contracting on an individual basis with clients to fulfil event photographic needs, John Kelly Photos offers full event photography services, including providing and coordinating multiple photographers to events, as well as hosting images and providing bib tagging services on custom web pages for clients that can be branded to an individual events needs. For more information, Contact me below. For more example photos, check Facebook. Bib tagging examples and photo distribution application examples can be provided on an individual basis. Pricing is quoted on a per event basis factoring an individual events needs. Contact me Here for estimates.

Sport Photography

Services for sporting events and non-event competitions ( Professional, NCAA, high school sports, tournaments, etc) are also available, and billed at flat rate services (not per sale), with all photographic material being available at completion of event.

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