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I am currently a student at the University of Missouri, Columbia (MIZZOU). I am pursuing a dual degree in both Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering with a minor in mathematics and computer science. My professional photographic pursuits are solely in sports and sport-related events, covering NCAA sporting events, mud runs, Obstacle Course Racing, running events, triathlons, and any other endurance sporting event. I enjoy the challenge of trying to obtain unique photos of my events by going places where the average photographer will not, be it heights or mud or anywhere else.

I most prominently fulfil work in the MidWest, with my primary event regions being the Missouri, Chicago and Minneapolis areas. You can still however find me frequently in any of the 48 contiguous states covered in mud or chasing down runners for pictures.

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Recent Activity:

Oct 29 2016

Mizzou vs. Kentucky

University of Missouri faced off against Kentucky on Saturday, October 29 2016. The game ended with a disappointing 35-21 defeat for the Missouri Tigers, putting them 2-6 for the season.

Oct 22 2016

Mizzou Homecoming football game

Highlights from the University of Missouri's homecoming football game versus Middle Tennessee on October 22 2016. The tigers lost in a close game 51-45, putting them 2-5 for the season.

Oct 22 2016

Tough Mudder

Promotional album from the first day of a two day Tough Mudder in Missouri on October 8 2016. Participants ran, crawled, jumped and climbed through 12 miles and over 20 obstacles to complete the course.

Oct 1 2016

Roots n Blues 2016

The Roots n Blues festival kicked off with a great 10k and half marathon on Saturday! Participants ran through scenic Columbia, Missouri parks to complete the course.

Pricing and Availibilty

Pricing is based on an individual event's needs and abilities. Events are priced based on but not limited to a combinations of factors including:

  • Type of photographic services required
  • Type of event
  • Duration of the event
  • Number of participants at the event
  • Location of the event, travel cost, etc
You can get in contact with me by clicking here to send me an email. Response time is usually the same day. It is recommended to contact me at least 2 months before an event to ensure the best availability for your events.

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